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About Bryan

Bryan Baker is the founder of youareinsurable.ca. After joining the financial services industry in 2002, he quickly learned about “High Risk” and “Impaired Risk” individuals, and how incredibly hard it is for them to obtain insurance.

Bryan has Crohn’s/Colitis. As a result he found himself classified as high risk and was denied Disability and Critical Illness insurance.

After years of research and reaching out to insurance providers Bryan launched youareinsurable.ca. Youareinsurable.ca was born out of the necessity for a professional, structured approach to finding insurance coverage for individuals whose health, occupation or lifestyle would paint them as Impaired or High Risk.

Bryan and youareinsurable.ca hold a unique place in the Canadian financial services marketplace; taking on cases that most advisors don’t want to work on(or simply don’t know how to work on). We partner with Organizations such as Crohn’s and Colitis Canada to get information out to people living with chronic illness or survivors of catastrophic health events, to show them that life and health insurance isn’t just a privilege of the healthy.

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